Building the Brand of
an Undergrad University

Atria University is a newly launched, Bengaluru based, one of the few liberal Sciences undergrad universities based in India. It professes learning by doing with a great deal of emphasis on team work and industry internships. The courses offered are referred to as Majors which are a well thought out blend of STEM and Liberal Arts.


Problem Statement

Strengthening and sharpening the brand of Atria University evoking leadership and future readiness as they welcome their first batch of students.


Creating the essence of the brand in tangible and visual terms bridging the gap between the two. Aligning the brand midway, within weeks, to a strategic change in messaging.


Communication Design

Social Media

Publication Design

The existing communication material had a busy visual design and lacked good information hierarchy. On the brand front the aesthetics were slightly outdated.

I started with incremental changes to the visual design.