About me

Four of my drawings are being showcased at the 'Drawing is Dead' exhibition by Studio Khirki in a group show from the 27th till the 29th of July. 2018.

Usually, when I am flying alone, I plan my schedule in a way that allows me more time at the airport than inside the aircraft. Even though I moved out of Calcutta more than ten years ago, I like to have a bit of it in me all the time, in the form of Jhaal Muri (a famous Bengali street food). I tend to obsess about Delhi when I am in Calcutta, and about Calcutta when I am in Delhi, and to quench that strange multi-dimensional homesickness, I resort to hovering over various cities on Google maps. When I am not trying to perfect minimalism in my commissioned projects you could find me drawing in my notebook or second to that, reading news online.


You will never find me without a notebook, tens of pens, a beard and a unibrow obsessing over trying to draw everything that tries to tell me something or I would wish to tell others about. Telling stories is a common thread between my personal as well as professional work and whether it needs to be told through print or a digital application is subjective to the purpose and content of the project. Needless to say that the emergence of AR and VR has brought in a completely new paradigm to storytelling. With AI becoming more and more relevant in our lives, it is important to question the role of technology in it but to also realise that it is not the technology but how we use it that deems it appropriate or not.


​I often live in a dichotomous world where I prefer non-fiction literature yet revel in the fantastical world of the likes of The Avengers, Alice in Wonderland and Game of Thrones.


My partner and I have an independent product brand called Unibrow, as a side project in an effort to encourage people, including ourselves, to express more. I have earlier worked at Idiom Design and Consulting, Lemon Design, Lopez Design, and Avantgarde besides being an independent designer.