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Collaborating for Sharing

These are some of the art collaborations between some friends and I through the years.

From challenging each other to collaboratively draw everyday for 100 days to paint a mural in our backyard and so on, it is an enriching and humbling process. A lot of times art is seen as a lonely pursuit but it doesn't always have to be that. It can also be highly collaborative and satisfying at the same time.

Hand Lettering




Empathy Mural

After more than four years Anisha Thampy and I finally got over procrastinating about doing a mural. Though it feels like we have struck off an item from our unwritten bucket list, it is something we would hope to do more and better. Our first mural till date and an ode to what we need more in this world now and forever. PS. I should have paid heed to Anisha’s suggestion to draw a grid for the lettering.

Video editing & production by Anisha Thampy.

100 Days of Mountains

This was part of the #100daysofmountains project I did while working with Tiffinbox. The project had received a lot of support from our Instagram followers and so we decided to make a calendar so whoever wanted could buy these beautiful artworks of our beloved triangles in nature, the mountains from across the globe. We were three of us and each one had to pick a medium.

Sriparna chose water colour, Rohit chose Ink (Rotring) and I chose dry pastels. Each one of us chose 33 mountains (one extra for one of us) on Google Earth and created a frame of reference which could be used by all to work on each artwork. Here are a few of the artworks that were selected to print as a table calendar.

Small Joys

Soon after we dispatched the Mountain Calendar, we were being asked about the next and thus with some doubts and a lot of brainstorming we zeroed in on creating artworks inspired by 'small joys' in our own lives.

Sriparna decided to literally go miniature with polymer clay, Rohit chose to go for the painstaking process of linocut prints and I decided to go for pigment liners.

Here are the four artworks I contributed to the calendar.

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