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Building the foundations of a unique solar product brand

Wedge is a soon to be launched premium rooftop solar PV product that will be breaking the mould of how rooftop solar is understood and used by consumers. It has been incubated under Startup India scheme.


Ascribe an appropriate and catchy name, design an identity that is modern yet can be considered a classic. Provide basic design guidelines for further implementation.


Basis the vision and the USP of the brand a few names were brainstormed upon. A moodboard followed by identity design options were created to establish the brand values and USP.

Client Name

Autarka Inkovation Pvt Ltd



Wedge was the name the client had in mind from the beginning but we decided dig a little deeper. We finally decided to stick to the name Wedge as it sounded catchy and connected with the design of the  product best.

USP - Well designed  |  Plug & Play  |  Independence (from the grid as well as human resource)

A few name options

Moodboard & Mind Mapping for Brand Reach

All the design options presented for the identity were custom designed lettering. It was decided initially that the brand needs a logo and a logotype. The logo would be required for stamping on the product as well as it is a suitable visual element for social media profile pictures.


The forms were inspired by the trademark 15 degree tilt of the Wedge PV panels.

The final logo was inspired by a metaphoric visualisation of the inclined PV panel and the sunlight falling on it. The symbol is as much a convergence of the rays as a divergence of the ultimate balance of form and function back into the world.

Keeping with the product evolution, the identity balances the classic and the contemporary. The name is borrowed from the innovative shape of the product which looks like a wedge, set to crank out a revolution in the solar energy industry.

The Final Identity