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An event invoking all the five senses to begin a new chapter

Communication material and giveaways designed for Pro Helvetia New Delhi's launch of their season two of programmes for the year 2019, were an experience for all the five senses (though it was the food served at the event that sufficed the sense of taste).

Given that the launch was to take place at the onset of the monsoon season
in Delhi, the point of departure for the overall concept for the design was rain and aspects connected to it like the soil, the smell of wet soil, the translucency of a heavy downpour and the comfort of the cooling air that wraps around us.

The idea of the smell of wet soil and the search for a giveaway led to age old Persian and Indian (sub-continent) tradition of 'attar'. An Attar with the smell of wet soil or petrichor was a perfect giveaway for the guests who would be using (or always wear) different fragrances to attend an event just at the onset of monsoon in Delhi.

The programme schedule and the new cover for the notebook (another giveaway from a previous season) were all inspired by the notions of monsoon and elements that connect it to us.

Client Name
Pro Helvetia

Packaging Design

Social Media Graphics

Print Design

Experience Design

E-invite for the programme  calendar launch event.

The e-invite for the event.

There were six postcards, part of the programme schedule for season 2 of 2019, designed with brief descriptions of all the events according to the genres. These were wrapped with a printed translucent tracing sheet playing on the notion of cool air enveloping us when it rains.

The six postcards wrapped with a printed tracing sheet which had the artist/event name, month of their event and venue formed the complete programme schedule.

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