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Celebrating the spirit of Mumbai

The Ernst & Young office in Mumbai was an old restored mill structure in the Lower Parel area. The area is a fitting image of the constantly changing and dynamic city of Mumbai. Thus, the obvious theme of Bollywood for the environment graphics was modified to the life and spirit of Mumbai. We picked up stories from the eventful history of the city from masala Bollywood songs and dialogues to experiences of ones daily life there.
Since the office building was to stay erect for just two years, we decided to make framed graphics as paintings on the wall that can be easily shifted to the next building in the future. These were also treated as windows of escape for the employees who are constantly engrossed in the world of numbers.

P.S. These were done before the current rebranding of E & Y and while I was working at Lopez Design.

Client Name

Ernst & Young

Environment Graphics




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