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Inviting artists into
a new world

Pro Helvetia New Delhi, the liaison office of the Swiss Arts Council in New Delhi, promotes artistic and cultural exchange between Switzerland and South Asia. Every year they call for applications for their Artist-in-Residence programme from South Asian and Swiss artists.


Design creatives for social media and their website inviting artists applications from South Asia and Switzerland. The broader premise given was that after almost two years the artists this time can travel to the countries they want and do the residency in person.


The overall idea was to create this sense that after having lived in relative isolation for nearly two years we can now step out and enjoy life and nature. It is time to refresh, relearn a few things and reacquaint ourselves with the world outside.

Client Name

Swiss Arts Council
Pro Helvetia

Social Media


Communication Design

The project was done in two phases - Call for application and then announcement of the winners.

Artist-in-Residence Call for Application

Based on the rather open brief for the project, a triptych was devised with three words - refresh, relearn and reacquaint. The idea was inspired by the everyday activity of getting ready and then going out to a park. Refreshing with a cup of coffee, wearing our shoes (which so many of us may have rarely done over the previous couple of years) and going to a park to immerse ourselves in the delight of being amidst nature and other people.

Artist-in-Residence Announcement

These creatives were an extension of the above idea. Taking off from the last image in the triptych with a scene of a bright and warm park, all the winners were shown sitting together on a park bench. Imagining that all these people from different countries and ethnicities sitting together and sharing their work and experiences under the open sky was really exciting and a pleasant premise in the times we live in.

Three of the four winners are sitting on a park bench looking straight with the fourth one leaning on the back rest of the bench on the left of the illustration. The setting is of a park somewhere in Switzerland.
The three Swiss winners of the Pro Helvetian’s art residency sitting on a park bench in tropical garden with rich green foliage and bright red flowers with clouds in the sky.
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